As a small business, it's not always easy to operate sustainably, especially when you need to keep costs low. Despite the challenges, we aim to start as we mean to go on. For us, this means ensuring that all our products are made ethically, whilst being as kind to earth as possible.


Fast fashion accounts for 10% of carbon emissions, pollutes rivers and dries up water resources. In addition, more than 70% of all textiles end up in landfills contributing to a sizeable portion of the worlds pollution.


For this reason, we sought to make it integral to our business that we only make as many items as we sell. All our swim is available to pre-order with a 2-4 week delivery time to allow our small team of seamstresses to make your piece. This works well for our small business, as it significantly reduces the cost and risk associated with mass producing items that may not sell, but more importantly, ensures that we do not end up with a surplus of unsold product, and needlessly wasted resources. With time, we aim to shorten our production to delivery funnel as we work to create more of the styles we know you'll like!


Our Fabrics

Currently, our collections consist of high quality recycled econyl fabric - both ribbed and printed, and lycra. Our printed fabric designs are first painted by hand, then made into digital art-pieces, and prepared for printing onto fabric. 

Our Packaging

Our bio poly mailing bags are crafted from a foil made up of a starch based resin, making them 100% biodegradable and industrially compostable. 

Ethically Made

Thicks and Bones was born within the four walls of a comfortable family home and designed with the utmost care, so it was important to us that upon expanding, our manufacturing process would maintain the same level of care and love with which our brand started. In order to do this, the health and wellbeing of our team continues to be a top priority.

All our manufacturing and production is carried out in the UK, and the small London based studio provides a safe and healthy working environment for all of the team - who are all paid above the UK minimum wage.

Having our manufacturers based here in the UK means we've been able to work closely together with a very small but wonderful team and ensure that the finished pieces meet ours and your expectations. We also visit the studio regularly in-person, allowing us to observe the working conditions and feel comfortable that a safe, healthy working environment is being maintained. 

*An added benefit to having a UK based manufacturing studio means that we will be able to reduce production and delivery times, in line with the UK standard, as we expand and learn more about the styles you like most!*